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Something A Bit Different : Bloodborne the Card Game

Prepare To Die
I have always been a fan of Video Games, and by far my favorite genre is high fantasy RPG's. So its no surprise to find out that some of the best games (in my opinion) are games like Skyrim, Oblivion, Dragons Dogma and Baldurs Gate. But my absolute favorite game, well its now a series of games, is DARK SOULS.
Dark Souls came from a Japanese developer called From Software many generations of consoles ago. It was a spiritual successor to the PS3 exclusive game "Demons Souls" which was renowned for its punishing difficulty and crushing combat system. Dark Souls took this formula a whole step further.
in 2015 From Software released a kind of spin off called Bloodborne. Set in a victorian-esque gothic city plagued by, well the plague, it was a nice change from the previous games which were all set in traditional castles, forests & dungeons.
I LOVED Bloodborne, so the moment i saw Bloodborne The Card Game in my local gamestore, it had to be mine. So on a rainy S…

Review : Adventure Gamebook Series #1 Escape from the Crypt

I Escaped From The Crypt! Will You??

I LOVE collecting Gamebook Adventures of all types. I've got Fighting Fantasy, CYOA , Lone Wolf, Tunnels and Trolls Solo's, RuneQuest SoloQuests, DnD Solo's etc. And yes, while they are all bloody awesome gamebooks, every now and then I love coming across a new (to me) series that sink my teeth into! (not literally)
So I spent this last weekend playing through some of my newer, slightly more obscure games and gamebooks, many of which I will be posting about in the near future. One of these gamebooks was from Adventure Gamebook Series called Escape from the Crypt. This is the first title of a trilogy called the One Hundred Series. My best guess is that all 3 of these titles will have 100 paragraphs/entries, thus making them the one hundred series (probably).
Written by Adam J Pestridge, It's great to see more Gamebooks coming out of the UK. 
When I opened the parcel containing this book I was surprised at just how good the quality of this…

Quest Music for Solo Adventures (The Art of Background Noise)

Searching For The New Sound...Something I have been experimenting with for some time now is listening to music while playing Gamebook Adventures and Solo-RPG's. I know what you're thinking, I probably sound crazy "how can you listen to songs while reading and calculating complicated hit die rolls and armour class bonuses". Well, if you play around the idea and give it a chance, it could change your solo gaming experience for the better!
It does seem like an abstract concept, listening to music and reading and rolling dice and trying to imagine this crazy combat scenario all in your mind. But its definitely possible, its all just about finding what mix and style works for you and the game you're playing. 
I'm sure I'm not the first person to try this out, not at all, but it's certainly changed the feel of my solo-RPG / Gamebook sessions considerably, adding an extra level of immersion to whatever it is that I'm doing. 
I first had this thought whil…

Upping My Dice Game (and why you should too!)

Keep Rollin' Rollin' Rollin' Rollin' (Whaaaat?)
For many years now I've been using standard white d6 dice that I pinched from our family's monopoly set. I used these 2 dice for all of my Fighting Fantasy books in the past and they work just fine. I mean, they're dice, how much could go wrong?
There's nothing wrong with them at all, they do their job, they feel like dice should feel. So why am I even bringing this up you might be asking? 
Well They're bloody boring that's why!  The way I see it is, I've spent a huge amount of money on my Gaming addiction over the years, whether its Video Games, Tabletop Games, Role Playing Games, or obviously Gamebook Adventures (The most important game type!). Why settle for those plain old Monopoly dice from years ago. Why don't I give my gamebook collection the dice they deserve!
This all started a few months back when me, my brother-in-law and some friends decided we were going to stop talking about h…

NGD : Green Spine Fever!

Holy Shadow Moses.
Have I got something to show you guys.
Upon returning home from work today, I was greeted by a big square parcel with the words eBay scribbled all over it. The packaging itself was solid, and clearly a lot of care had gone into wrapping up this item or items....

OK, what the heck! It's only: FIGHTING FANTASY 1-24 Original Puffin Green Spine/Green Banner Editions                                        

Holy Shadow Moses Indeed! Whats even more impressive is the price in which I snagged these future family heirlooms for. Less than £3.50 each. LESS THAN £3.50 a pop. and the condition of them is incredible! a bit of yellowing perhaps but what do you expect? They're like 30 years old!
The seller is called FantasyDemon159 and hes just a pleasure to do business with. He even threw in a copy of The Riddling Reaver just because. What a hero.
For so long I've been on the fence about buying some of these. I had some of the Wizard published FF…

Review : Compact Adventure Game Books - Shadows of Doom - Stephen Thraves

SHADOWS OF DOOM!Recently I picked up this little gem, and boy do I mean little! Just look at it, its kind of cute in its own way, not because of the hideous beast lunging for our souls on the cover or the dark early DnD aesthetic. But because its so tiny in a way that Japanese culture seems to adore so much. Its what some might call "Diddy". But let me assure you, this game is hard as nails!

So this is Shadows of Doom by Stephen Thraves. Some of you may know him from other gamebooks in the past, for me its the Famous Five adventure books he wrote which we had in primary school. But this is no place for children!
In this book, You the adventurer (and Barbarian apparently), have traveled across lands and sea to come to the aid of one of your late fathers friends, The Lord of Taenir. His son has been kidnapped by an unknown force and he wants you to help get him back, but not in a conventional way.  His captors are asking for 6 rare gemstones as ransom and the good lord needs you …

NGD : A Very Dark & Doomy Set Indeed...

BEHOLD THE DOOM!!**Just a note for anyone wondering what NGD is, I'm part of a few music groups on social media and people always post NGD! -New Guitar Day to show off their lovely purchases. Well I'm stealing that as its now become NEW GAMEBOOK DAY - NGD!
Last night, after spending ages in traffic (and scuffing my wheel!!) I came home to find 3 parcels by the door, and boy was I in for a treat!
(The candles are fake! as if i'd put my Gamebooks at risk!)
3 Gamebook Adventures by the wonderful Stephen Thraves, all of which have a terribly dark & doomy feel about them. I remember Stephen Thraves from my school days as he had a series of Gamebooks that were converted from the old Famous Five stories. 
Bet the famous five wouldn't risk going into the Shadows of doom!  (Timmy would, that dog had balls!)
Just look at these awesome titles! We have the complete "Battle Quest" collection (yep, that's right, there's only 2 of them) "Caves of Fury" & &…