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Four Against Dungeons & Dragons

That title's a bit misleading actually, what it should say is "how to play any RPG adventures that use a similar system to DnD in Four Against Darkness".
For those of you who don't know (for shame!) what Four Against Darkness is, I suggest you have a bit of a google. I wont explain the entire game here (Buy the book! its awesome!) but put simply, you create a party of 4 adventurers, all with some very simple stats, kit them out with shiny new gear and throw them head first into a dungeon. 

Something to note here is that nowhere in the games rulebook does it state that this game is a Roleplaying Game. Not a single mention, and I think that's important to know this going into this guide. I will touch more on this later on. 

The main rulebook itself contains random tables that you roll upon to determine the size and shape of the dungeons rooms, then another table to determine the contents …

Review : Choose Your Own Adventure - #2 Journey Under The Sea

So here we are. Fresh out of the Cave of Time and heading down for a Journey Under the Sea! And just look at that cover!

I've always been a sucker for good cover art, in fact I find that the original artwork used on old gamebooks is nearly always better than the modern reprints. There's something about that vintage fantasy / sci-fi artwork that is unmatched by today's standards. I may have to do a comparison post sometime that highlights some of the shocking differences between then and now!

But the cover of Journey Under the Sea does not disappoint. We have a crazy water vortex/whirlwind/underwater twister (there's probably a scientific name for it somewhere), A menacing looking great white shark. A futuristic submarine, a diver in peril and what looks to be the ruins of a long lost underwater city....

And you'd be right if you were thinking ATLANTIS! That's right, this story is all about you searching for the…

Choose Your Own Insanity! NEW Cthulhu Gamebooks!

Recently I was looking for some details on the Call of Cthulhu Solo-Adventures and I came across a photo on google that caught my attention.
Here's the photo for you to have a look at: To be honest I thought it was a fan-made mock up. Its not the best quality image, its not the kind of standard advertising you'd expect to see for other Fighting Fantasy / CYOA books, so I kinda wrote it off as just a cool bit of fan-art. 
There was, a while back, some Dark Souls/Fighting Fantasy cross over fan art that caught my eye, and they looked awesome. Shame they aren't real though.

But anyway, after doing some more research and investigation (as you would in Call of Cthulhu!) I discovered that in actual fact, these Choose Cthulhu books are 100% genuine! I was absolutely shocked and amazed at what I saw. 
Have a look at the website above if you are interested. This small team of developers have worked their asses off to convert 7 of H P Love…

Review : Choose Your Own Adventure - #50 Return To The Cave of Time


As I recently published a little review of the first CYOA book "The Cave Of Time" I thought it was only fitting that I dive right back in for the eagerly awaited sequel "Return To The Cave Of Time" Does it live up to the high standards set by the original, or is it like most sequels, just a cash grab pile of recycled garbage?

Well here it is, and certainly the cover art does not disappoint! OK so it may not be as epic and aesthetically pleasing as the original, certainly for a young boy who's into Sci-Fi & Fantasy but hey its still packed full of action. A sabretooth tiger ready to pounce, a young adventurer at the helm of some grand vessel. Thunderous storms, falling tribesmen and crashing waterfalls, it's quite a scene!

This time around the story seemed to be made up of a few larger branching storylines rather than lots of funny little tales. This is both good and bad. Its good because it feels a little more grown up in …

NGD : You Guy's Are Never Gonna Believe This One.....



What even is this gamebook????

Oh My......

I honestly don't know where to start with this purchase. I cant believe its even a thing? However....
I kinda love it! I'm going to do a proper review soon but let me tell you now, this is worth every penny. It's absolutely hilarious!! I genuinely keep laughing out loud over this bad boy!
Review coming soon..

NGD : All Hail Cthulhu!

Once again I have splashed some cash and here is what I have to show for it!

The first up is a double dose of creepy Cthulhu solo adventure gamebooks, Alone Against The Flames & Alone Against The Dark. I have never played any Call of Cthulhu games but have always longed to. It fits me perfectly, Horror, Darkness, Religious Cults, Crazy Demons and Evil Gods. I love it! From what I have read, you control a party of investigators through various dark and doomy scenarios, trying to prevent the end of the world!

Next up is something I have been dying to play for ages, finally FINALLY Amazon had it in stock. This is the Midnight Legion Box Set including book 2 The World Reborn. This set is a Fighting Fantasy style gamebook series set on a distant planet, kind of along the lines of the nintendo game Metroid. I have heard so many good things about this one and cant wait to get stuck in. Clearly the Devs took a lot of pride in the quality of this…

Review : Choose Your Own Adventure - #1 The Cave of Time


The Cave of Time, the very first "official" Choose Your Own Adventure (CYOA) book written by Edward Packard, published way back in the summer of 1979. 

Just take a look at it! It's beautiful!
The artwork on the cover is amazing. If I were still a young lad looking for cool fantasy books in the library or bookshop, I would definitely be interested in this one. There's some majestic wizard looking dude on the cover holding a fancy sword. There's a freakin' T-Rex stomping around with a dark castle in the distance. There's a knights horse running frantically away from a hideous sea beast that looks like it's about to get a spear in the eye from some oriental soldier. This would've blown my mind as a kid. In fact most of the CYOA covers have crazy montages going on.

What I really like about the artwork however, is the consistency. What I mean by this is, take a look at the latest Fighting Fantasy offering &q…

My Gamebook / Solo-RPG Wishlist! (Things I want!)

I'm Making A List, And Checking It Thrice!!!
Being a lone wolf gamebook adventurer certainly has its perks. I can dive into an adventure at any time, anywhere (potentially) without the need for a GM/DM or another player. I can be any character I can imagine, even if its not technically in the game. Who says I cant be an Orc Warrior and just use the template from a human character? No GM to stop me there! I can also put a game on hold for as long as I want. Maybe I'll play for an hour before work, then pick it up again in the evening. half an hour before I go to sleep? No worries! An hour while the Mrs watches various reality TV shows? You bet!
One of the other great things is that I own all of my games. I have a great collection that I can display and show off to anyone who comes over. Its like having my own game shop right in my bedroom.
However, this can be a bit of a double edged vorpal sword. Because I own all of these games, I had to buy most of them myself. Sure some may ha…