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Choose Your Own Insanity! NEW Cthulhu Gamebooks!


Recently I was looking for some details on the Call of Cthulhu Solo-Adventures and I came across a photo on google that caught my attention.

Here's the photo for you to have a look at:
To be honest I thought it was a fan-made mock up. Its not the best quality image, its not the kind of standard advertising you'd expect to see for other Fighting Fantasy / CYOA books, so I kinda wrote it off as just a cool bit of fan-art. 

There was, a while back, some Dark Souls/Fighting Fantasy cross over fan art that caught my eye, and they looked awesome. Shame they aren't real though.

But anyway, after doing some more research and investigation (as you would in Call of Cthulhu!) I discovered that in actual fact, these Choose Cthulhu books are 100% genuine!
I was absolutely shocked and amazed at what I saw. 

Have a look at the website above if you are interested. This small team of developers have worked their asses off to convert 7 of H P Lovecraft's horror stories into fully fledged CYOA style adventure books. From what I can tell they are all CYOA style and do not involve dice combat, but a lot of the information known is in different languages so it can be hard to translate, even with google's help.

Now unfortunately the crowdfunding campaign for these has just ended and there doesn't appear to be a way to order them just yet, but I did reach out to the company's director Edward, and he did (very kindly) cut me a deal to secure a full set of books, that I will then review on here for you guys!

The books are shipping out to some major book and game stores, I don't know which ones yet but a list is being released in the next couple of weeks. I highly suggest you check these out! They look vintage and awesome, the Cthulhu universe is an excellent setting for some mysterious adventuring in gamebook form. I really cant wait to see how these come out.

As soon as they arrive, I will get some good photos and a review up for you guys to see.


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